CrisisWatch N°102


01 February 2012

Islamist parties secured 73% of assembly seats following first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections held 21 Jan; president due to be elected by June. Freedom and Justice Party leader Mohammed Saad al-Katatni elected 23 Jan as speaker of People’s Assembly. Military 24 Jan partially lifted decades-old emergency law, released roughly 3,000 prisoners ahead of 25 Jan 1st anniversary of start of revolt that toppled President Hosni Mubarak’s regime. Tensions with U.S. after travel ban on 10 Americans, Europeans as part of criminal investigation into foreign-funded democracy groups. Clashes between authorities and Bedouin continued throughout month; Bedouin 11 Jan clashed with army near Suez in attempt to reclaim land, 24 Jan stormed Sinai tourist resort demanding 4m Egyptian pounds to leave. Radioactive material reportedly stolen 19 Jan when Dabaa residents broke into unfinished nuclear plant, blowing up buildings, including what is believed is the reactor.