CrisisWatch NÂș107


01 July 2012

Activists 1 June blockaded parliament in ongoing protest over reconciliation Bills; debate over legislation later suspended. In widely criticised decision, Constitutional Court 1 June accepted petition to review constitutional amendments, petition claimed amendments did not sufficiently safeguard role of monarchy; Parliament acceded to Court injunction. Govt 19 June extended emergency law in southern provinces for further 3 months as violence continued; gunmen 6 June killed 2 defence volunteers, wounded 6 in Narathiwat; IED 7 June wounded 1 soldier in Yala; insurgents 10 June attacked police checkpoint in Pattani wounding 2 police, 4 civilians; IED attack 13 June wounded 2 Rangers, 2 defence volunteers in Chanae District; 3 soldiers killed, 6 wounded 16 June in suspected Muslim separatist attack in Yala; 2 govt officials 19 June shot dead in Narathiwat; 1 soldier, 1 villager wounded 21 June in Narathiwat bombing.