CrisisWatch N°107

Deteriorated Risk Alert

01 July 2012

Human Rights Watch 4 June reported Rwandan officials supplying Ntaganda with troops, weapons. EU, U.S. 7 June released statements acknowledging external support to M23; UN SRSG Roger Meece 13 June warned UNSC mutiny in east threatens to destabilise region; UNSC 16 June requested enquiry into external support to M23. FARDC defection continued throughout month; M23 extended control in Kivus, pushed back FARDC offensive. CNDP delegation 18 June initiated MONUSCO-facilitated talks with govt. Rwandan govt officials met with DRC counterparts 19 June, reiterated denial of Rwandan support for mutineers; DRC govt 20 June warned of “rupture of the peace” between the two states. AU 21 June called for end to mutiny, use of “political channels” to address concerns. Govt accused U.S. of blocking inclusion of findings on Rwanda’s involvement in interim UN Group of Experts report released 22 June. UNSC 27 June extended MONUSCO peacekeeping mandate 1 year to June 2013. Garamba National Park rangers 6 June clashed with some 50 LRA combatants.