CrisisWatch N°109


01 September 2012

National Security and Stabilisation Plan establishing priorities for integration, strengthening of security, justice sectors signed 8 Aug. 211 majority new MPs sworn in 20 Aug marking end of Transitional Federal Govt (TFG); UNSC 30 Aug praised meeting of new Federal Parliament, 28 Aug election of Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari, urged election of President without delay; UN SRSG to Somalia Augustine Mahiga 25 Aug expressed “deep concern” over ongoing delays to choosing all 275 MPs. TFG President Sharif 25 Aug announced Supreme Court to review candidates rejected as MPs by Technical Selection Committee on grounds of ties to armed groups; Court determined they could join parliament. AMISOM, pro-govt forces 27 Aug captured Merca port; 29 Aug killed 42 militants in clash at Aglibah town.