CrisisWatch N°109


01 September 2012

Month saw series of sectarian clashes, kidnappings: gunmen from group allegedly linked to Free Syrian Army (FSA) 14 Aug announced abduction in Syria of Hassan Salim al-Meqdad; al-Meqdad clan 16 Aug announced retaliatory abduction of Turkish national, over 20 Syrians in Lebanon with alleged links to FSA; armed Shiite demonstrators same day blocked main road to Beirut airport; al-Meqdad clan 25 Aug said all but 4 hostages soon to be released. At least 18 killed, hundreds injured in late Aug clashes between al-Assad Alawite supporters, Sunni opponents in Tripoli; demonstrators 31 Aug demonstrated against Syrian Assad regime; military prosecutor 31 Aug charged 7 with attempting to kill soldiers in clashes. UNSC 30 Aug extended UNMIL peacekeeping mandate to Aug 2013. Military tribunal 13 Aug charged former Information Minister Michel Samaha, Syrian National Security Bureau head Maj Gen Mamlouk with plotting to assassinate political, religious figures, incite sectarian violence.