CrisisWatch N°104


01 April 2012

U.S. President Obama 2 March said Iranian nuclear weapon unacceptable but warned against pre-emptive strike against Iran, 4 March said U.S. preferred diplomacy but “won’t hesitate to use force”. Israeli PM Netanyahu 6 March said little time to stop Iranian nuclear plans, 9 March warned of possible strike on Iranian nuclear facilities within months. U.S. Secretary of State Clinton 31 March announced resumption of P5+1 talks 13-14 April, said window for talks closing; U.S. 30 March introduced new sanctions on foreign banks trading Iranian oil. Conservative allies of Ayatollah Khamenei solidified control over parliament in 2 March legislative elections; authorities claimed 61% turnout. President Ahmadinejad 14 March questioned by parliament, insisted recent foreign/domestic policy decisions legal, denied challenging authority of Ayatollah Khamenei. Authorities 7 March jailed reformist leader Ali Shakouri-Rad for spreading “lies”, “propaganda” against state. Supreme Court 5 March overturned death sentence against alleged U.S. CIA spy Mirzai Hekmati.