CrisisWatch NÂș107


01 July 2012

Political crisis continued: Shiite Cleric Moqtada Sadr 24 June said PM al-Maliki must be removed for govt reforms to take place; al-Maliki proposed early elections unless parties agreed to negotiate end to power-sharing problems. Month saw numerous attacks against Shiites across Baghdad: Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for 4 June attack on Shiite endowment office killing several, 11 June suicide bombing outside Shiite religious office killed some 26, wounded over 190; 10 June bombings killed at least 6, wounded 38 in Kadhimiya; Shiite pilgrims attacked 13 June, at least 93 killed, more than 50 wounded; 2 car bombs 16 June killed at least 32 near Kadhimiya; 2 bombs 22 June targeted market in Husseiniya killing at least 8, injuring more than 50; 27 June bombings targeted tribal sheikh in Mada’in, killed 3 children in Ghazaliya district;  bombs 28 June targeted Washash, police patrol in Aby Dsheer killing 1. Govt building targeted same day in Taji. Suicide bomber 18 June killed at least 15, injured over 40 at funeral in Baquba. Turkish airstrikes began 22 June against PKK bases in Iraqi-Kurdistan (see Turkey).