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Advocacy Offices
Brussels HQ
President & CEO
Financial Controller
Senior Research Analyst
Senior Accountant
Director of Research and Deputy Director of Communications & Outreach
Director of Government & Foundation Relations
Head of External Relations with the EU
Development Officer
Research Manager
International Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Development Officer
Senior Assistant to the President & Board Relations Manager
Publications Officer
HR Officer
Online Editor
EU Advocacy & Research Analyst
Director of Finance & Administration
Office Manager
Communications Officer
Publications and Brand Identity Manager
Assistant to the President
Director of Communications & Outreach
Senior Online Editor
HR Manager
HR Officer
Senior IT Officer
Washington DC
Senior Vice President and Special Adviser on Latin America
Deputy Program Director, Africa
Vice-President of Research & Publications
Office Manager
Special Adviser to the President
Senior Development Officer
Deputy Director, Washington DC
New York
President & CEO
Senior Adviser to the President and Head of Front Office
Director of Multilateral Affairs and Head of New York Office
Development Officer
Development Associate
Office Manager
Head of Communications, North America
Analyst, UN Advocacy and Research
Senior Development Officer
Event Coordinator
Director, Private Sector Initiatives
General Counsel and Director of Special Projects
Director of London Office and Senior Advocacy Adviser
Office Manager
Head of Private Sector Development, Europe
Program Director, Africa
Researcher, Horn of Africa
Senior Analyst, Horn of Africa
Project Director, Horn of Africa
Office Manager
Senior Analyst, South Sudan
Project Director, West Africa
Senior Analyst, West Africa
Analyst, Cameroon
Senior Analyst, Congo
Senior Analyst, Sahel
Adviser, African Union Relations
Senior Analyst, Central African Republic
Operations Manager, Africa
Project Director, Central Africa
Office Manager
Senior Analyst, Nigeria
Analyst, West Africa
Consulting Analyst, Southern Africa
Analyst, Horn of Africa
Senior Consultant, Central Africa
Analyst, Somalia
Program Director, Asia
Deputy Program Director, Asia
Project Director, South Asia and Senior Asia Adviser
Operations Manager, Pakistan
Office Manager/Researcher
Senior Analyst, South Asia
Senior Analyst and Regional Editor, South Asia
Senior Analyst, Sri Lanka
Analyst, Thailand
Senior Analyst, China
Europe and Central Asia
Europe & Central Asia Program Director
Senior Adviser, Ukraine and Russia
Researcher, Central Asia
Office Manager
Senior Analyst, Turkey
Office Manager/Researcher
Analyst, Europe & Central Asia
Project Director, Europe and Central Asia
Project Director, Central Asia
Latin America
Program Director, Latin America
Senior Analyst, Andes
Senior Analyst, Colombia
Analyst, Guatemala
Operations Manager, Latin America
Project Director, Mexico & Central America
Middle East and North Africa
Program Director, Middle East and North Africa
Deputy Program Director, Middle East and North Africa
Senior Analyst, Lebanon
Senior Analyst, Tunisia
Senior Analyst, Syria
Project Director, North Africa
Senior Analyst, Iraq
Senior Analyst, Libya
Project Director, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and Senior Middle East and North Africa Adviser
Senior Analyst, Arabian Peninsula
Senior Analyst, Israel/Palestine
Senior Analyst, Iran
Senior Analyst, Israel/Palestine