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Sudan Slideshow

February 2014: This slideshow accompanies the report Sudan’s Spreading Conflict (III): The Limits of Darfur’s Peace Process, the third report in a series that analyses the roots of the conflicts in Sudan’s peripheries. The war in Darfur started more than ten years ago and continues to affect civilian populations within western Sudan as well as in neighbouring states, including Chad and the newly formed South Sudan.

CrisisWatch Map
December 2013

CrisisWatch Interactive Map             
September 2013

Justicia transicional y los diálogos de paz en Colombia
August 2013
Sowing Rebellion in Dagestan?
Latin America 
July 2013
Crisis Group in Latin America and the Caribbean 
June 2013
Sudan’s Spreading Conflict (II): War in Blue Nile
March 2013
Spider Web: The Making and Unmaking of Iran Sanctions

February 2013
China in Central Asia

February 2013
Sudan's Spreading Conflict

February 2013
Military Forces in the Central African Republic
*Updated June 2013

January 2013
Recent Fighting in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo 

May 2012
Sri Lanka After the War 

July 2011
An Eyewitness Account of South Sudan's Independence 

July 2011
The Insurgency in Afghanistan's Heartland
April 2011
North Korea in 2011
June 2010
Kyrgyzstan Since the Tulip Revolution
May 2010
War Crimes in Sri Lanka
Crisis Group 15 Years: 1995-2010
December 2009
Sudan: Preventing Implosion
August 2009
Afghanistan's Elections
March 2009
Colombia's FARC Conflict
November 2008
Congo Re-erupts

September 2008
War in Georgia
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