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Farsi Translations

Iran Nuclear Talks: The Fog Recedes, Middle East Briefing N°43, 10 December 2014

Iran and the P5+1: Getting to “Yes”, Middle East Briefing N°40, 27 August 2014

Iran and the P5+1: Solving the Nuclear Rubik's Cube, Middle East Report N°152, 9 May 2014

Great Expectations: Iran’s New President and the Nuclear Talks, Middle East Briefing N°36, 13 August 2013

Spider Web: The Making and Unmaking of Iran Sanctions, Middle East Briefing N°138, 25 February 2013

U.S.-Iranian Engagement: The View from Tehran, Middle East Briefing N°28, 2 June 2009

Iran: Ahmadi-Nejad’s Tumultuous Presidency, Middle East Briefing N°21, 6 February 2007

Lebanon at a Tripwire, Middle East Briefing N°20, 21 December 2006

After Baker-Hamilton: What to Do in Iraq, Middle East Report N°60, 19 December 2006

Iran: Where Next on the Nuclear Standoff?, Middle East Briefing N°15, 24 November 2004

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