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Analyst Profiles for Media

Crisis Group's expert analysts and senior staff are generally available for media interviews and background briefings for journalists. Analyst profiles listing areas of expertise are available from the links below, arranged by region and country.


Africa (overall)

Comfort Ero (@EroComfort), Program Director, Africa 
EJ Hogendoorn (@ejhogendoorn), Project Director, Horn of Africa

Central Africa (Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda)

Thierry Vircoulon, Project Director, Central Africa

Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan)

Cedric Barnes (@CedricHoA), Project Director, Horn of Africa

Southern Africa

Piers Pigou (), Project Director, Southern Africa

West Africa
(Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone)

Rinaldo Depagne, Senior Analyst, West Africa
Vincent Foucher, Senior Analyst, West Africa


Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)
Deirdre Tynan (@DeirdreTynan), Central Asia Project Director

North East Asia

Daniel Pinkston (), Senior Analyst (North East Asia Deputy Project Director)

South East Asia
(Indonesia, Myanmar/Burma, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste)

Matthew Wheeler, Analyst, South East Asia                           

South Asia (Afghanistan, India, Kashmir, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka)           

Samina Ahmed, Project Director, South Asia
Sophie Desoulieres, Analyst, South Asia


Europe and Central Asia

Paul Quinn-Judge, Program Director, Europe and Central Asia

North Caucasus

Ekaterina Sokirianskaia, Project Director, North Caucasus


Hugh Pope (@Hugh_Pope), Deputy Program Director, Europe and Central Asia

Latin America

Latin America (overall)

Javier Ciurlizza (@Javierciurlizza), Program Director, Latin America & Caribbean
Mark Schneider, Senior Vice-President & Special Adviser on Latin America


Christian Voelkel, Analyst, Colombia/Andes


Mary Speck (@speckmary), Senior Analyst, Guatemala

Middle East and North Africa

Middle East and North Africa (overall)                                            

Robert Malley, (Currently on Leave) Program Director, Middle East & North Africa
Issandr El Amrani, Project Director, North Africa
Peter Harling (@PeterHarling), Project Director, Iraq, Lebanon & Syria and Senior Middle East and North Africa Adviser
Sahar Atrache, Analyst, Lebanon
Robert Blecher, Deputy Program Director, Middle East & North Africa
April Longley Alley, Senior Analyst, Arabian Peninsula


Louise Arbour (@Louise_Arbour), President & CEO
Mark Schneider, Senior Vice-President
Jon Greenwald, Vice-President, Research & Publications
Jennifer Leonard, Deputy Director, Washington DC
Scott Malcomson (@smalcomson), Communications Director
Kimberly Abbott (@kimberlymabbott), Communications Director, North America

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