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Reports & Briefings

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Too Far, Too Fast: Sochi, Tourism and Conflict in the Caucasus,  Europe Report N°228   |  30 Jan 2014

The recent bombings in the south of Russia could prove a precursor to more violence and instability in the Caucasus if Moscow does not abandon repression for political dialogue. русский

Côte d’Ivoire’s Great West: Key to Reconciliation,  Africa Report N°212   |  28 Jan 2014

Working to reduce tensions in western Côte d’Ivoire, a flashpoint for ethnic, political and economic rivalries, is imperative to ensure lasting stability and pave the way for national reconciliation.  

Sudan’s Spreading Conflict (III): The Limits of Darfur’s Peace Process,  Africa Report N°211   |  27 Jan 2014

If Darfur is to have durable peace, all parties to the country’s multiple conflicts need to develop a more holistic means of addressing both local conflicts and nationwide grievances.

Policing Urban Violence in Pakistan,  Asia Report N°255   |  23 Jan 2014

Jihadi and criminal violence is wreaking havoc in Pakistan’s provincial capitals, eroding stability and public confidence in the government’s ability to restore law and order and enforce the writ of the state, while exposing Pakistan’s religious minorities to ever intensifying confessionally-driven violence.

Mali: Reform or Relapse,  Africa Report N°210   |  10 Jan 2014

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta’s current legitimacy and a strong international presence give Mali a unique opportunity to engage in serious reforms and inclusive dialogue. However, the window for change is narrow and dangerous political habits are resurfacing.

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