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Reports & Briefings

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Lebanon’s Hizbollah Turns Eastward to Syria,  Middle East Report N°153   |  27 May 2014

Hizbollah’s intervention in Syria strengthens the Assad regime but transforms the Shiite movement as it redefines the enemy and itself within the confines of an increasingly sectarian struggle.

Venezuela: Tipping Point,  Latin America Briefing N°30   |  21 May 2014

Failure to resolve the Venezuelan crisis could plunge the country into yet more violence, leaving it unable to address soaring criminality and economic decline and exposing the inability of regional inter-governmental bodies to manage the continent’s conflicts. español

A Cosmetic End to Madagascar’s Crisis?,  Africa Report N°218   |  19 May 2014

Madagascar’s recent elections marked an ostensible return to democracy, but unless the new government works hard to implement meaningful political, economic and social reforms, the prospect of further crisis is just a matter of time.

Counting the Costs: Myanmar’s Problematic Census,  Asia Briefing N°144   |  15 May 2014

Myanmar’s controversial census has inflamed ethnic tensions at a critical moment in the peace process. Releasing the data will require great political sensitivity to avoid further violence, all the more so with elections scheduled for 2015.

Ukraine: Running out of Time,  Europe Report N°231   |  14 May 2014

Ukraine needs a government of national unity that reaches out to its own people and tackles the country’s long overdue reforms; both Russia and Western powers should back a vision for the country as a bridge between East and West, not a geopolitical battleground. 


Afghanistan’s Insurgency after the Transition,  Asia Report N°256   |  12 May 2014

To contain a growing, increasingly confident insurgency as NATO troops withdraw, Afghanistan needs continued international support, including military, and the new government in Kabul will need to reinvigorate the state’s commitment to the rule of law.


Iran and the P5+1: Solving the Nuclear Rubik’s Cube,  Middle East Report N°152   |  9 May 2014

A comprehensive nuclear accord may be in reach if both sides – Iran and the Security Council permanent members plus Germany – show determination to settle on a technical agreement and isolate the deal from its complex regional context.

Flight of Icarus? The PYD’s Precarious Rise in Syria,  Middle East Report N°151   |  8 May 2014

The PYD (Kurdish Democratic Union Party) has imposed its dominance in northern Syria, but its long-run prospects – like those of the areas it controls – depend on the party’s ability to adopt a more balanced and inclusive strategy.

The Rising Costs of Turkey's Syrian Quagmire,  Europe Report N°230   |  30 Apr 2014

Continuous refugee flows from Syria are stretching Turkey’s capacities and necessitate long-term adjustments as well as stronger international engagement to better share the burden. Türkçe

Iraq: Falluja's Faustian Bargain,  Middle East Report N°150   |  28 Apr 2014

An alliance between the local military council and the jihadi ISIL group is keeping the besieging Iraqi army at bay around Falluja, but unless Sunni alienation is addressed, the city risks a new round of devastating conflict.
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