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Education Reform in Pakistan,  Asia Report N°257   |  23 Jun 2014

To combat religious extremism and sectarian violence, Pakistan must reform its education sector by boosting resources to public schools and updating the school curriculum to improve quality and remove divisive and discriminatory narratives.

Iraq’s Jihadi Jack-in-the-Box,  Middle East Briefing N°38   |  20 Jun 2014

The jihadi surge is the tragic, violent outcome of steadily deteriorating political dynamics. Instead of a rash military intervention and unconditional support for the Iraqi government, pressure is needed to reverse sectarian polarisation and a disastrous record of governance.

The Central African Crisis: From Predation to Stabilisation,  Africa Report N°219   |  17 Jun 2014

To stabilise the Central African Republic (CAR), the transitional government and its international partners need to prioritise, alongside security, action to fight corruption and trafficking of natural resources, as well as revive the economy. 中文

The Huthis: From Saada to Sanaa,  Middle East Report N°154   |  10 Jun 2014

Continued fighting between Huthis and their various opponents could lead to a major conflagration, further undermining the Yemen’s troubled political transition.

The Tunisian Exception: Success and Limits of Consensus,  Middle East and North Africa Briefing N°37   |  5 Jun 2014

To prevent a rerun of last year’s political crisis, Tunisia needs far-sighted political precautions that can preserve the national compromise beyond the 2014 elections.

Corridor of Violence: The Guatemala-Honduras Border,  Latin America Report N°52   |  4 Jun 2014

Ending bloodshed in this neglected border region requires more than task forces: credible institutions, access to state services and continuing security are also needed.


Lebanon’s Hizbollah Turns Eastward to Syria,  Middle East Report N°153   |  27 May 2014

Hizbollah’s intervention in Syria strengthens the Assad regime but transforms the Shiite movement as it redefines the enemy and itself within the confines of an increasingly sectarian struggle.

Venezuela: Tipping Point,  Latin America Briefing N°30   |  21 May 2014

Failure to resolve the Venezuelan crisis could plunge the country into yet more violence, leaving it unable to address soaring criminality and economic decline and exposing the inability of regional inter-governmental bodies to manage the continent’s conflicts. español

A Cosmetic End to Madagascar’s Crisis?,  Africa Report N°218   |  19 May 2014

Madagascar’s recent elections marked an ostensible return to democracy, but unless the new government works hard to implement meaningful political, economic and social reforms, the prospect of further crisis is just a matter of time.

Counting the Costs: Myanmar’s Problematic Census,  Asia Briefing N°144   |  15 May 2014

Myanmar’s controversial census has inflamed ethnic tensions at a critical moment in the peace process. Releasing the data will require great political sensitivity to avoid further violence, all the more so with elections scheduled for 2015.
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