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Recent Reports

Kenya After the Elections, Africa Briefing N°94, 15 May 2013

Though the 2013 general elections were relatively peaceful, Kenya is still deeply divided and ethnically polarised.


Kenya’s 2013 Elections, Africa Report N°197, 17 Jan 2013

Preparations for elections in Kenya turn into high gear today as the parties in the three major coalitions nominate their candidates.


The Kenyan Military Intervention in Somalia, Africa Report N°184, 15 Feb 2012

As Kenya advances into southern Somalia, it must act cautiously and avoid prolonged “occupation”, lest it turn local opinion against the operation and galvanise opposition Al-Shabaab can co-opt, much as happened to Ethiopia in 2006-2009.


Kenyan Somali Islamist Radicalisation, Africa Briefing N°85, 25 Jan 2012

Kenya’s proximity to and troubled relationship with Somalia and the militant Al-Shabaab movement threaten its security and stability, necessitating sound strategies to combat Islamist radicalisation that go beyond counter-terrorism.

Kenya: Impact of the ICC Proceedings, Africa Briefing N°84, 9 Jan 2012

While the International Criminal Court (ICC) has a chance to inaugurate a new era of accountability in Kenya, misperceptions could also amplify ethnic tensions ahead of the 2012 elections if its work and limitations are not better explained to the public.


Kenya in Crisis, Africa Report N°137, 21 Feb 2008

Since the announcement of the contested presidential election results on 30 December 2007 giving a second term to Mwai Kibaki, Kenya has been in its worst political crisis since independence.

Latest Podcast

Kenya: Tensions after the ICC Ruling

9 Feb 2012: Two weeks after the International Criminal Court (ICC) confirmed that four prominent Kenyan figures, including two presidential candidates, are to stand trial over crimes against humanity, political emotions in the country are running high.