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South Sudan

South Sudan: Jonglei – “We Have Always Been at War”

Africa Report N°221, 22 December 2014

SPLA soldiers stand as a helicopter is seen after flying a trip to Bor, at Juba airport, South Sudan, January 25, 2014. The violence since mid-December 2013, the worst in South Sudan since it won its independence from Sudan in 2011, has killed thousands of people and driven more than half a million from their homes. REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu

South Sudan’s Jonglei state is emblematic of the regional, national and local challenges to peace and of the limitations of trying to resolve a conflict by engaging only two of the nearly two-dozen armed groups in the country.

Recent Reports

South Sudan: Jonglei – “We Have Always Been at War”, Africa Report N°221, 22 Dec 2014

South Sudan’s Jonglei state is emblematic of the regional, national and local challenges to peace and of the limitations of trying to resolve a conflict by engaging only two of the nearly two-dozen armed groups in the country.

South Sudan: A Civil War by Any Other Name, Africa Report N°217, 10 Apr 2014

Refocusing international engagement as well as the peace negotiations is essential to stop South Sudan’s raging civil war from claiming ever more lives. 中文

China’s New Courtship in South Sudan, Africa Report N°186, 4 Apr 2012

Following its oil interests and other opportunities to Juba, China is building a new relationship with South Sudan but finds itself drawn into a dangerous dispute that risks bringing the Sudans back to conflict.


South Sudan: Compounding Instability in Unity State, Africa Report N°179 , 17 Oct 2011

Unity State, a territory of unique importance and complexity in the fragile new country of South Sudan, faces a perfect storm of political, social, economic, and security dilemmas.


Politics and Transition in the New South Sudan, Africa Report N°172, 4 Apr 2011

Now that South Sudan’s self-determination has been realised, long-suppressed grievances and simmering political disputes have re-surfaced, threatening instability on the eve of independence.


Negotiating Sudan’s North-South Future, Africa Briefing N°76, 23 Nov 2010

As South Sudan’s critical self-determination referendum looms, the foundation for a constructive relationship between North and South is yet to be laid.


Sudan: Defining the North-South Border, Africa Briefing N°75, 2 Sep 2010

Sudan’s North and South must take political action to define their mutual boundary if they hope to avoid future complications, including a return to conflict.

Sudan: Regional Perspectives on the Prospect of Southern Independence, Africa Report Nº159, 6 May 2010

If, as likely, South Sudan decides to secede from the North at its January 2011 self-determination referendum, it will need support from Sudan’s neighbours to ensure the decision is respected and new conflict is prevented.


Jonglei’s Tribal Conflicts: Countering Insecurity in South Sudan, Africa Report N°154, 23 Dec 2009

Conflicts among tribes have claimed several thousand lives in South Sudan in 2009, with the worst violence in and around the vast, often impassable state of Jonglei. Violence often afflicts pastoral communities, but in this area it has taken on a new and dangerously politicised character.


Conflict Alert

Conflict Alert: Looming Military Offensives in South Sudan
29 October 2014
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Conflict Alert: Halting South Sudan's Spreading Civil War
7 July 2014
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Preventing Full-scale War between Sudan and South Sudan
18 Apr 2012
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Stopping the Spread of Sudan’s New Civil War
26 Sep 2011
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Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan and South Sudan

29 April 2014: In this series of video interviews, Casie Copeland, Crisis Group's South Sudan Consulting Analyst and Jérôme Tubiana, Crisis Group's Sudan Senior Analyst discuss the escalating conflict in Sudan and South Sudan.

Media Release

South Sudan

South Sudan Needs Respected Outside Mediation

18 December 2013: The scenario many feared but dared not contemplate looks frighteningly possible: South Sudan, the world’s newest state, is now arguably on the cusp of a civil war.

Interactive Presentation

An Eyewitness Account of South Sudan's Independence

15 July 2011: In this audio slideshow, Crisis Group's Sudan Analyst Zach Vertin talks about his impressions from South Sudan's historic independence day on 9 July, and the challenges facing the new nation in the future. 


Sudan: Sliding into a New Civil War?

28 October 2011: 
South Sudan obtained its independence, but Sudan’s crisis is far from being over. Fighting broke out in Southern Kordofan, Abyei, and finally in Blue Nile State. Fouad Hikmat, Crisis Group’s Special Advisor on Sudan and the African Union, explains why peace is still elusive in Sudan. 

هل ينزلق السودان في حرب أهلية جديدة؟