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Sudan’s Spreading Conflict (III): The Limits of Darfur’s Peace Process

Africa Report N°211, 27 January 2014


If Darfur is to have durable peace, all parties to the country’s multiple conflicts need to develop a more holistic means of addressing both local conflicts and nationwide grievances.

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Sudan’s Spreading Conflict (III): The Limits of Darfur’s Peace Process, Africa Report N°211, 27 Jan 2014

If Darfur is to have durable peace, all parties to the country’s multiple conflicts need to develop a more holistic means of addressing both local conflicts and nationwide grievances.

Sudan: Preserving Peace in the East, Africa Report N°209, 26 Nov 2013

Unless the marginalisation of Sudan’s East is addressed, renewed war and further fragmentation of the country is a growing possibility.

Sudan’s Spreading Conflict (II): War in Blue Nile, Africa Report N°204, 18 Jun 2013

The war in Sudan’s Blue Nile state will grind on until the Khartoum government re-engages in national dialogue with opposition forces, including the Blue Nile rebels.


Sudan’s Spreading Conflict (I): War in South Kordofan, Africa Report N°198, 14 Feb 2013

Only a comprehensive solution can end Sudan’s vicious civil wars that are exacting a horrendous toll on the country and its peoples.


Sudan: Major Reform or More War, Africa Report N°194, 29 Nov 2012

Last week’s arrests of senior security figures for allegedly plotting a coup showed how close Sudan is to even greater violence and disintegration. Only managed but fundamental governance reform can help it escape chronic conflict and humanitarian misery.


Divisions in Sudan’s Ruling Party and the Threat to the Country’s Stability, Africa Report N°174, 4 May 2011

Unless Sudan’s grievances are addressed by a more inclusive government, the country risks further violence and disintegration even after the South’s independence becomes official in July.


Politics and Transition in the New South Sudan, Africa Report N°172, 4 Apr 2011

Now that South Sudan’s self-determination has been realised, long-suppressed grievances and simmering political disputes have re-surfaced, threatening instability on the eve of independence.


Negotiating Sudan’s North-South Future, Africa Briefing N°76, 23 Nov 2010

As South Sudan’s critical self-determination referendum looms, the foundation for a constructive relationship between North and South is yet to be laid.


Sudan: Defining the North-South Border, Africa Briefing N°75, 2 Sep 2010

Sudan’s North and South must take political action to define their mutual boundary if they hope to avoid future complications, including a return to conflict.

Sudan: Regional Perspectives on the Prospect of Southern Independence, Africa Report Nº159, 6 May 2010

If, as likely, South Sudan decides to secede from the North at its January 2011 self-determination referendum, it will need support from Sudan’s neighbours to ensure the decision is respected and new conflict is prevented.

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A Darfur Decade: Ten Years of War

A Darfur Decade: Ten Years of War

10 Feb 2014: The war in Darfur started more than ten years ago and continues to affect civilian populations within western Sudan as well as in neighbouring states, including Chad and the newly formed South Sudan.

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A picture taken on March 28, 2012 shows destruction in Sudan's southern oil centre of Heglig after South Sudanese troops and government forces clashed along the border, sparking international alarm.

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Sudan: Sliding into a New Civil War?

28 October 2011: 
South Sudan obtained its independence, but Sudan’s crisis is far from being over. Fighting broke out in Southern Kordofan, Abyei, and finally in Blue Nile State. Fouad Hikmat, Crisis Group’s Special Advisor on Sudan and the African Union, explains why peace is still elusive in Sudan. 

هل ينزلق السودان في حرب أهلية جديدة؟


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