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Zimbabwe’s Elections: Mugabe’s Last Stand

Africa Briefing N°95, 29 July 2013


A return to protracted political crisis, and possibly extensive violence, is likely as Zimbabwe holds elections on 31 July. conditions for a free and fair vote do not exist.

Recent Reports

Zimbabwe’s Elections: Mugabe’s Last Stand, Africa Briefing N°95, 29 Jul 2013

A return to protracted political crisis, and possibly extensive violence, is likely as Zimbabwe holds elections on 31 July. conditions for a free and fair vote do not exist.

Zimbabwe: Election Scenarios, Africa Report N°202, 6 May 2013

The pervasive fear of violence and intimidation in Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections contradicts political leaders’ rhetorical commitments to peace, and raises concerns that the country may not be ready to go to the polls. 中文

Zimbabwe’s Sanctions Standoff, Africa Briefing N°86, 6 Feb 2012

A bold approach to the sanctions issue is necessary to refocus efforts on the actions needed to break the political stalemate in Zimbabwe before elections are held that otherwise threaten to be as violent and undemocratic as the 2008 round.


Resistance and Denial: Zimbabwe’s Stalled Reform Agenda, Africa Briefing N°82, 16 Nov 2011

Slow and inadequate progress in implementing the compromise they reached three years ago threatens to push Zimbabwe’s contending forces into premature  elections and undermine political and economic recovery.


Zimbabwe: The Road to Reform or Another Dead End?, Africa Report N°173, 27 Apr 2011

The situation in Zimbabwe is deteriorating again under a new wave of political violence organised by Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party, and the country faces another illegitimate election and crisis unless credible, enforceable reforms can first be implemented.


Zimbabwe: Political and Security Challenges to the Transition, Africa Briefing Nº70, 3 Mar 2010

As Zimbabwe enters its second year under a unity government, the challenges to democratic transformation have come into sharp focus. Despite reasonable progress in restoring political and social stability, major threats could still derail the reform process.


Zimbabwe: Engaging the Inclusive Government, Africa Briefing N°59, 20 Apr 2009

After nearly a year of seemingly endless talks brokered by the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Zimbabwe’s long-ruling ZANU-PF party and the two factions of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formed a coalition government in February.

Ending Zimbabwe's Nightmare: A Possible Way Forward, Africa Briefing N°56, 16 Dec 2008

The inter-party negotiations that have sought to end Zimbabwe’s political, economic and now full-blown humanitarian crisis following the fraudulent June 2008 presidential election run-off are hopelessly deadlocked.

Negotiating Zimbabwe's Transition, Africa Briefing N°51, 21 May 2008

The 29 March 2008 elections have dramatically changed Zimbabwe’s political landscape. For the first time since independence in 1980, Robert Mugabe ran second in the presidential voting, and the opposition – the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) – won control of parliament.

Zimbabwe: Prospects from a Flawed Election, Africa Report N°138, 20 Mar 2008

The regional mediation offering the most realistic chance to resolve Zimbabwe’s eight-year crisis has failed. South African President Thabo Mbeki’s stated objective in talks between the ruling ZANU-PF party and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was to secure conditions for free and fair elections that would produce an undisputed outcome.

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Zimbabwe: Election Scenarios

17 May 2013: Piers Pigou, Southern Africa Project Director, and Trevor Maisiri, Southern Africa Senior Analyst, talk about tensions surrounding Zimbabwe's 2013 elections.