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Central Asia

Kazakhstan: Waiting for Change

Asia Report N°250, 30 September 2013

KazakhstanResource-led economic growth cannot mask the need for reforms in Kazakhstan as labour unrest, social divisions and a growing Islamist movement threaten the country’s stability.

Recent Reports

Kazakhstan: Waiting for Change, Asia Report N°250, 30 Sep 2013

Resource-led economic growth cannot mask the need for reforms in Kazakhstan as labour unrest, social divisions and a growing Islamist movement threaten the country’s stability.

China’s Central Asia Problem, Asia Report N°244, 27 Feb 2013

China’s influence is growing rapidly in Central Asia at a time when the region is looking increasingly unstable.

Kyrgyzstan: Widening Ethnic Divisions in the South, Asia Report N°222, 29 Mar 2012

Kyrgyzstan’s disregard for its Uzbek community is pushing the ethnic minority to a breaking point.

Tajikistan: The Changing Insurgent Threats, Asia Report N°205, 24 May 2011

Tajikistan, Central Asia’s poorest state and a key logistical link for international forces in Afghanistan, faces a growing security threat from both local and external rebels.

Central Asia: Decay and Decline, Asia Report N°201, 3 Feb 2011

Only a concerted effort from national governments, donors and the international community to modernise Central Asia’s infrastructure can avert the region’s decline into chaos.

The Pogroms in Kyrgyzstan, Asia Report Nº193, 23 Aug 2010

Without prompt, genuine and exhaustive measures to address the damage done by the pogroms, Kyrgyzstan risks another round of terrible violence.


Kyrgyzstan: A Hollow Regime Collapses, Asia Briefing Nº102, 27 Apr 2010

The collapse of the Kyrgyz regime is a case study of the risks facing authoritarianism in Central Asia. What happened in Kyrgyzstan could happen in most of its neighbouring countries. And the consequences could indeed be much worse.

Central Asia: Migrants and the Economic Crisis, Asia Report N°183, 5 Jan 2010

The economic crisis has caused millions of migrant labourers from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to lose their jobs in the boom economies of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Central Asia: Islamists in Prison, Asia Briefing N°97, 15 Dec 2009

The number of Islamists in Kyrgyz and Kazakh prisons is small but growing, in both size and political significance.

Women and Radicalisation in Kyrgyzstan, Asia Report N°176, 3 Sep 2009

Kyrgyzstan’s in­creasingly authoritarian government is adopting a counter-productive approach to the country’s growing radicalisation.

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Andrew Stroehlein, Steve Swerdlow
CNN, 25 Jan 2013

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Andrew Stroehlein
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Paul Quinn-Judge
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False Calm after Elections in Kyrgyzstan

23 October 2010: Four months after violence against immigrants, Kyrgyzstan is forming a new government.  How will this contribute to stability? Crisis Group’s Central Asia Project Director, Paul Quinn-Judge, tells us what's happening, and why. Listen