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Myanmar’s Military: Back to the Barracks?

Asia Briefing N°143, 22 April 2014

Soldiers march during a parade to mark the 69th anniversary of Armed Forces Day in Myanmar's capital Naypyitaw on March 27, 2014. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

It was Myanmar’s military that initiated the end of its own dictatorship; to advance stable reform, it needs to continue withdrawing from civilian life.

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Myanmar’s Military: Back to the Barracks?, Asia Briefing N°143, 22 Apr 2014

It was Myanmar’s military that initiated the end of its own dictatorship; to advance stable reform, it needs to continue withdrawing from civilian life.

Not a Rubber Stamp: Myanmar’s Legislature in a Time of Transition, Asia Briefing N°142, 13 Dec 2013

Although Myanmar’s nascent legislature has proved more vibrant and influential than many expected, serious individual and institutional capacity constraints are impeding the effective, efficient lawmaking necessary for the country’s full democratic transition. 中文

The Dark Side of Transition: Violence Against Muslims in Myanmar, Asia Report N°251, 1 Oct 2013

Unless there is an effective government response and change in societal attitudes, violence against Myanmar’s Muslim communities could spread, jeopardising the country’s transition as well as its standing in the region and beyond.


The Philippines: Dismantling Rebel Groups, Asia Report N°248, 19 Jun 2013

The Philippines has had some recent success in winding down decades-long negotiations with rebel groups, but achieving peace with the country’s biggest insurgency, in Mindanao, requires both new energy and fresh thinking.


A Tentative Peace in Myanmar’s Kachin Conflict, Asia Briefing N°140, 12 Jun 2013

The deal that has now been struck between the Myanmar government and the Kachin armed group is a major step forward, but securing a sustainable peace will require much more work.


Timor-Leste: Stability at What Cost?, Asia Report N°246, 8 May 2013

Although swelling oil and gas revenues have bought Timor-Leste peace, political empowerment, security reforms and fiscal caution are needed to ensure stability can outlast the boom.


Indonesia: Tensions Over Aceh’s Flag, Asia Briefing N°139, 7 May 2013

A dispute over a flag in Aceh is testing the limits of autonomy, irritating Indonesia’s central government, heightening ethnic tensions, reviving a campaign for the division of the province and raising fears of violence as the 2014 national elections approach.

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Thailand: The Evolving Conflict in the South, Asia Report N°241, 11 Dec 2012

After a decade of violence, the capabilities of Malay-Muslim insurgents in Thailand’s Deep South are outpacing the counter-measures of successive governments in Bangkok that have been mired in complacency and protracted national-level political disputes.

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The Philippines: Breakthrough in Mindanao, Asia Report N°240, 5 Dec 2012

The next round of talks between the Philippines’ largest Muslim insurgent group and the government is a crucial step towards implementing a sweeping peace agreement signed in October.


Myanmar: Storm Clouds on the Horizon , Asia Report N°238, 12 Nov 2012

Even as Myanmar’s democratic transition continues apace, ethnic violence in Rakhine State represents a threat to national stability. It demands decisive moral leadership from all the country’s leaders as they strive to find long-term solutions to the many challenges that lie ahead, including longstanding discrimination of the Rohingya and other Muslim minorities.

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