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Myanmar’s Military: Back to the Barracks?

Asia Briefing N°143, 22 April 2014

Soldiers march during a parade to mark the 69th anniversary of Armed Forces Day in Myanmar's capital Naypyitaw on March 27, 2014. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

It was Myanmar’s military that initiated the end of its own dictatorship; to advance stable reform, it needs to continue withdrawing from civilian life.

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Myanmar’s Military: Back to the Barracks?, Asia Briefing N°143, 22 Apr 2014

It was Myanmar’s military that initiated the end of its own dictatorship; to advance stable reform, it needs to continue withdrawing from civilian life.

Not a Rubber Stamp: Myanmar’s Legislature in a Time of Transition, Asia Briefing N°142, 13 Dec 2013

Although Myanmar’s nascent legislature has proved more vibrant and influential than many expected, serious individual and institutional capacity constraints are impeding the effective, efficient lawmaking necessary for the country’s full democratic transition. 中文

The Dark Side of Transition: Violence Against Muslims in Myanmar, Asia Report N°251, 1 Oct 2013

Unless there is an effective government response and change in societal attitudes, violence against Myanmar’s Muslim communities could spread, jeopardising the country’s transition as well as its standing in the region and beyond.


A Tentative Peace in Myanmar’s Kachin Conflict, Asia Briefing N°140, 12 Jun 2013

The deal that has now been struck between the Myanmar government and the Kachin armed group is a major step forward, but securing a sustainable peace will require much more work.


Myanmar: Storm Clouds on the Horizon , Asia Report N°238, 12 Nov 2012

Even as Myanmar’s democratic transition continues apace, ethnic violence in Rakhine State represents a threat to national stability. It demands decisive moral leadership from all the country’s leaders as they strive to find long-term solutions to the many challenges that lie ahead, including longstanding discrimination of the Rohingya and other Muslim minorities.

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Myanmar: The Politics of Economic Reform, Asia Report N°231, 27 Jul 2012

Political transition and economic reconstruction are deeply entwined in Myanmar, and the government, the country’s elites and the international community must embrace both for the dramatic reforms underway to succeed.


Reform in Myanmar: One Year On, Asia Briefing N°136, 11 Apr 2012

With Myanmar embarked on a remarkable top-down transition from five decades of authoritarian rule and extensive reforms already in place, it is time for the international community to help it address the remaining complex and numerous challenges by ending sanctions and looking to cooperation rather than coercion to promote further change.


Myanmar: A New Peace Initiative, Asia Report N°214, 30 Nov 2011

After demonstrating commitment to an extraordinary series of social, economic and political reforms, Myanmar’s new government has launched a bold peace initiative with potential to resolve the devastating 60-year civil war with ethnic groups.


Myanmar: Major Reform Underway, Asia Briefing N°127, 22 Sep 2011

Six months after the transition to a new, semi-civilian government, major changes are taking place in Myanmar, but many steps still need to be taken to overcome decades of conflict.


Myanmar’s Post-Election Landscape, Asia Briefing N°118, 7 Mar 2011

As Myanmar enters a new political phase, the international community should seize the opportunity to encourage greater openness and reform.

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