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The Rising Costs of Turkey's Syrian Quagmire

Europe Report N°230, 30 April 2014

Turkey Syria Taksim Gezi ParkContinuous refugee flows from Syria are stretching Turkey’s capacities and necessitate long-term adjustments as well as stronger international engagement to better share the burden.

Recent Reports

The Rising Costs of Turkey's Syrian Quagmire, Europe Report N°230, 30 Apr 2014

Continuous refugee flows from Syria are stretching Turkey’s capacities and necessitate long-term adjustments as well as stronger international engagement to better share the burden. Türkçe

Divided Cyprus: Coming to Terms on an Imperfect Reality, Europe Report N°229, 14 Mar 2014

To avoid another failed effort at federal reunification in the new round of Cyprus negotiations, all sides should break old taboos and discuss all possible options, including independence for Turkish Cypriots within the European Union. Ελληνικά   Türkçe

Crying “Wolf”: Why Turkish Fears Need Not Block Kurdish Reform, Europe Report N°227, 7 Oct 2013

Turkey’s government needs to recover lost momentum, press forward with democratic reforms and constitutional revision, and recognise that steps that benefit the country’s Kurds must be decoupled from disarmament talks with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).


Blurring the Borders: Syrian Spillover Risks for Turkey, Europe Report N°225, 30 Apr 2013

As the humanitarian crisis reaches catastrophic proportions, Syria needs to open its borders to external aid, while Turkey and its international partners need more long-term planning to meet growing refugee needs and avoid having instability spill over the porous border. Türkçe

Turkey’s Kurdish Impasse: The View from Diyarbakır, Europe Report N°222, 30 Nov 2012

Though battered economically, socially and politically for decades, the city and province of Diyarbakır could offer hope for Turks and Kurds who want to live together, if Ankara can refocus its policies on creating a more equal, democratic Turkey.


Turkey: The PKK and a Kurdish Settlement, Europe Report N°219, 11 Sep 2012

Turkey needs to recover the initiative after the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) insurgency’s aggressive escalation of violence and implement a long-term conflict resolution strategy that addresses Kurdish grievances.


Aphrodite’s Gift: Can Cypriot Gas Power a New Dialogue?, Europe Report N°216, 2 Apr 2012

Though newly discovered gas reserves off Cyprus are currently driving the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities further apart, they could offer both newfound wealth if, together with Turkey, they would start a new dialogue.

русский   Ελληνικά   Türkçe

Turkey: Ending the PKK Insurgency, Europe Report N°213, 20 Sep 2011

To head off a serious escalation of the armed conflict, Turkey and the Turkish Kurd nationalist movement must immediately step back from the trap of a new cycle of tit-for-tat military and terrorist attacks that have killed 110 people since June.

русский   Türkçe

Turkey and Greece: Time to Settle the Aegean Dispute, Europe Briefing N°64, 19 Jul 2011

To capitalise on twelve years of normalisation, and at a time when both could benefit from a foreign policy success, Greece and Turkey should settle their expensive, outdated and stressful stand-off over Aegean Sea maritime zones and related issues.

русский   Ελληνικά   Türkçe

Cyprus: Six Steps toward a Settlement, Europe Briefing N°61, 22 Feb 2011

With stalemate looming in the UN-sponsored Cyprus reunification negotiations, parties to the dispute need to take dramatic, unilateral steps to break the decades-long distrust that is suffocating them.

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