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Recent Reports

Left in the Cold? The ELN and Colombia’s Peace Talks, Latin America Report N°51, 26 Feb 2014

Bringing the National Liberation Army (ELN) into the current round of negotiations is vital for durable peace.


Transitional Justice and Colombia’s Peace Talks, Latin America Report N°49, 29 Aug 2013

To secure a lasting peace, talks between Colombia’s government and FARC rebels need to include a clear, credible and coherent plan for reckoning with decades of human rights abuses. 


Colombia: Peace at Last?, Latin America Report N°45, 25 Sep 2012

After decades of failed attempts to defeat the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) militarily and flawed negotiations, a political solution to the Western Hemisphere’s oldest conflict may finally be possible.


Dismantling Colombia’s New Illegal Armed Groups: Lessons from a Surrender, Latin America Report N°41, 8 Jun 2012

The surrender of the Popular Revolutionary Anti-Terrorist Army of Colombia (ERPAC) exposed justice system and government strategy shortcomings that unless corrected will hamper efforts to combat groups which are now top security challenges. español

Moving Beyond Easy Wins: Colombia’s Borders , Latin America Report N°40, 31 Oct 2011

Colombia needs bolder policies to cope with the violence in its border areas, because improved relations with its neighbours alone have neither effectively reduced ongoing conflict with illegal armed groups nor alleviated the plight of the local communities.


Cutting the Links Between Crime and Local Politics: Colombia’s 2011 Elections, Latin America Report N°37, 25 Jul 2011

If the interference of criminal groups in local politics is not addressed, they could become even a bigger threat to Colombia’s local democracy and national security.

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Colombia: President Santos’s Conflict Resolution Opportunity, Latin America Report N°34, 13 Oct 2010

President Juan Manuel Santos has taken welcome steps toward reform in his first ten weeks but now must put in place and execute a truly comprehensive and integrated conflict resolution strategy for Colombia to secure sustainable peace.


Improving Security Policy in Colombia, Latin America Briefing N°23, 29 Jun 2010

Colombia’s new government has to improve security policy to tackle the guerrilla tactics of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) as well as their broadened participation in drug trafficking and newly forged alliances with other illegal armed groups.


Uribe's Possible Third Term and Conflict Resolution in Colombia, Latin America Report N°31, 18 Dec 2009

Colombia’s efforts to resolve its half-century armed conflict and growing tensions with neighbours will be shaped by the decision on whether to change the constitution to enable President Álvaro Uribe to seek a second re-election in May 2010.


The Virtuous Twins: Protecting Human Rights and Improving Security in Colombia, Latin America Briefing N°21, 29 May 2009

Over seven years, the government of President Álvaro Uribe has produced important security gains, but these have been accompanied by serious human rights violations and breaches of international humanitarian law (IHL).

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Interactive Presentations

Justicia transicional y los diálogos de paz en Colombia

To secure a lasting peace, talks between Colombia’s government and FARC rebels need to include a clear, credible and coherent plan for reckoning with decades of human rights abuses. This presentation (in Spanish) examines the ways transitional justice can address the effects of Colombia's decades-long conflict.


Crisis Group in Latin America and the Caribbean


Colombia's FARC Conflict

A multimedia presentation on the Colombian left-wing rebel group the FARC, featuring an interview with Latin America Program Director Markus Schultze-Kraft, interactive maps charting territorial presence and drug trade involvement, and background to various aspects of the conflict.



Colombia Peace Talks

Colombia's Peace Talks

19 September 2013: Peace talks are currently underway in Havana between the Colombian government and representatives of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).