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The Huthis: From Saada to Sanaa

Middle East Report N°154, 10 June 2014

YemenContinued fighting between Huthis and their various opponents could lead to a major conflagration, further undermining the Yemen’s troubled political transition.

Recent Reports

The Huthis: From Saada to Sanaa, Middle East Report N°154, 10 Jun 2014

Continued fighting between Huthis and their various opponents could lead to a major conflagration, further undermining the Yemen’s troubled political transition.

Yemen’s Southern Question: Avoiding a Breakdown, Middle East Report N°145, 25 Sep 2013

Yemen must agree on its state structure, including the South’s status, to forge a stable future. A final agreement cannot be forced by the National Dialogue Conference; for some key issues, only continued, more inclusive talks in the context of confidence-building measures can succeed. 中文

Yemen’s Military-Security Reform: Seeds of New Conflict?, Middle East Report N°139, 4 Apr 2013

Yemen must take further steps to reform its security forces, or longstanding divisions could well undermine its political transition, which entered into a six-month “national dialogue” on 18 March.

Yemen: Enduring Conflicts, Threatened Transition, Middle East Report N°125, 3 Jul 2012

Flawed as it is, Yemen’s political settlement avoided a potentially devastating civil war and secured President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s resignation, but now the challenge is to address longstanding political and economic grievances.

Breaking Point? Yemen’s Southern Question, Middle East Report N°114, 20 Oct 2011

Amid uncertainty fuelled by ongoing mass protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s political future, as well as its unity – notably the status of the South – hang in the balance.

Popular Protest in North Africa and the Middle East (II): Yemen between Reform and Revolution, Middle East/North Africa Report N°102, 10 Mar 2011

Unprecedented protests and the regime’s heavy-handed response risk pushing Yemen into widespread violence but also could and should be a catalyst for long overdue, far reaching political reform.


Yemen: Defusing the Saada Time Bomb, Middle East Report N°86, 27 May 2009

Away from media headlines, a war has been raging on and off in Yemen’s northern governorate of Saada since 2004, flaring up in adjacent regions and, in 2008, reaching the outskirts of the capital, Sanaa.

Yemen: Coping with Terrorism and Violence in a Fragile State, Middle East Report N°8, 8 Jan 2003

On 3 November 2002, an unmanned U.S. “Predator” aircraft hovering in the skies of Yemen fired a Hellfire missile at a car carrying a suspected al-Qaeda leader, four Yemenis said to be members of the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, and a Yemeni-American who, according to U.S. authorities, had recruited volunteers to attend al-Qaeda training camps.

Conflict Alert

Houthi fighters ride a truck near the presidential palace in Sanaa January 22, 2015. Yemen's Houthi rebels welcomed on Thursday proposed concessions by the government on power-sharing but their gunmen still held positions outside the residence of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who remains a virtual prisoner there. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah (YEMEN - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS)

Yemen Conflict Alert: Time for Compromise
27 Jan 2015

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