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North Africa

Tunisia’s Borders: Jihadism and Contraband

Middle East and North Africa Report N°148, 28 November 2013

TunisiaUnless the permeability of the country’s borders is addressed, cross-border trafficking will increase jihadis’ disruptive potential and intensify the corruption of border authorities.

Recent Reports

Tunisia’s Borders: Jihadism and Contraband, Middle East and North Africa Report N°148, 28 Nov 2013

Unless the permeability of the country’s borders is addressed, cross-border trafficking will increase jihadis’ disruptive potential and intensify the corruption of border authorities.

Trial by Error: Justice in Post-Qadhafi Libya, Middle East/North Africa Report N°140, 17 Apr 2013

Unless Libya breaks the cycle of violence and urgently reforms its justice system, there is a real risk of an increase in assassinations, urban violence and communal conflicts.

Tunisia: Violence and the Salafi Challenge, Middle East and North Africa Report N°137, 13 Feb 2013

As Tunisia faces the most critical phase of its transition after Chokri Belaïd’s assassination, its leaders must devise a calibrated response to the various challenges posed by the rise of Salafism.

Divided We Stand: Libya’s Enduring Conflicts, Middle East/North Africa Report N°130, 14 Sep 2012

The violent death of the U.S. ambassador and three of his colleagues is a stark reminder of the challenges Libya still faces and should serve as a wake-up call for the authorities to urgently fill the security vacuum.

Tunisia: Confronting Social and Economic Challenges, Middle East/North Africa Report N°124, 6 Jun 2012

Formidable social and economic challenges threaten to undermine – or even halt – progress in Tunisia, despite the country’s positive transition to democracy.

Tunisia: Combatting Impunity, Restoring Security, Middle East/North Africa Report N°123, 9 May 2012

Although Tunisia stands out in a turbulent Arab world for its relatively peaceful transition, justice and security must be bolstered to ensure long-term stability.

Holding Libya Together: Security Challenges after Qadhafi, Middle East/North Africa Report N°115, 14 Dec 2011

As a recent uptick in violence vividly illustrates, the fate of militias that ousted Qadhafi’s regime must be carefully addressed lest they jeopardise Libya’s transition.


Popular Protest in North Africa and the Middle East (V): Making Sense of Libya, Middle East/North Africa Report N°107, 6 Jun 2011

The longer Libya’s military conflict persists, the more it risks undermining the anti-Qaddafi camp’s avowed objectives and the purpose claimed for NATO's intervention, that of protecting civilians.


Popular Protests in North Africa and the Middle East (IV): Tunisia’s Way, Middle East/North Africa Report N°106, 28 Apr 2011

As Tunisia continues its transition to democracy, it will need to balance the urge for radical political change against the requirement of stability; integrate Islamism into the new landscape; and, with international help, tackle deep socio-economic problems. русский

Western Sahara: Out of the Impasse, Middle East/North Africa Report N°66, 11 Jun 2007

The combination of Morocco’s recent proposal of a “Sahara autonomous region”, the Polisario Front’s counter-proposal of independence with guarantees for Moroccan interests and the UN Security Council’s 30 April resolution calling for direct negotiations between the parties – due to begin on 18 June – has been hailed as a promising breakthrough in the protracted Western Sahara dispute.

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