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President & CEO

In his introduction to this month’s edition of CrisisWatch, Crisis Group's President Robert Malley reflects on the once-unimaginable scenes that unfolded in the U.S. Capitol last night, as a mob violently stormed the building. He also explains how we choose our ten conflicts to watch each year.

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Reports & Briefings

In The News

12 Dec 2020
Because of improving relations, the Eritrean government has gained more ability to influence the Ethiopian government not to be a host for dissidents. AFP

William Davison

Senior Analyst, Ethiopia
3 Dec 2020
Cameroon cannot simply afford to allow the ethnic and political tensions it is facing to rise to levels where they could constitute inter-community violence. VOA

Arrey Elvis Ntui

Senior Analyst, Cameroon
24 Oct 2020
Around 700,000 young people were excluded from the school system owing to the conflict. AFP

Arrey Elvis Ntui

Senior Analyst, Cameroon
24 Oct 2020
Le gouvernement et la société civile anglophone ont mis beaucoup de pression sur les groupes séparatistes pour que leurs enfants retournent à l'école. Le Parisien

Arrey Elvis Ntui

Senior Analyst, Cameroon
24 Oct 2020
Le boycott des écoles était une stratégie des séparatistes ces dernières années. 700.000 jeunes environ étaient en dehors du système scolaire à cause du conflit. Le Figaro

Arrey Elvis Ntui

Senior Analyst, Cameroon
6 Oct 2020
The military [...] simply has not had the time nor shown the will to address violence in the way that many rural Sudanese would need to see in order to put down their weapons. AFP

Jonas Horner

Deputy Project Director, Horn of Africa & Senior Analyst, Sudan

Latest Updates

Podcast / Africa

The Horn: 2021 in the Horn of Africa

This week, Alan Boswell is joined by Crisis Group’s Project Director for the Horn of Africa Murithi Mutiga to discuss what he’s watching for across the region in 2021.

Briefing / Africa

Blunting Al-Shabaab’s Impact on Somalia’s Elections

The Al-Shabaab insurgency is in attack mode as elections draw near in Somalia. To stop the militants from disrupting the vote, federal and regional authorities should bolster security measures around polling stations and prepare impartial means of resolving disputes that may arise over the outcome.

Statement / Africa

Saving the Central African Republic’s Elections and Averting Another Cycle of Violence

The Central African Republic is beset with fresh violence days before voting slated for 27 December. If the election is to go forward, and the country to avoid further turmoil, neighbouring heads of state will need to help rival politicians strike a deal.

Also available in Français
Briefing / Africa

How South Africa Can Nudge Zimbabwe toward Stability

For years, South Africa trusted in behind-the-scenes contacts to alleviate Zimbabwe’s political and economic problems. But those troubles have continued to mount. By stepping up pressure, and by working with Washington on reform guidelines, Pretoria can help Harare find a way out of its crisis.

Podcast / Africa

The Horn: America’s (and Biden’s) South Sudan problem

This week on The Horn, Freedom House Africa Director Jon Temin joins Alan to reflect on the critical U.S. role in South Sudan’s 2011 independence, why the country’s 2015 peace deal collapsed and how the incoming Biden administration can draw on lessons learned. 

Our People

Comfort Ero

Program Director, Africa

Richard Moncrieff

Project Director, Central Africa

Rinaldo Depagne

Deputy Program Director, Africa & Project Director, West Africa

Jean-Hervé Jezequel

Director, Sahel Project

Nnamdi Obasi

Senior Adviser, Nigeria

Piers Pigou

Senior Consultant, Southern Africa

Thibaud Lesueur

Consulting Senior Analyst, Central Africa

Hans De Marie Heungoup

Senior Analyst, Central Africa