Ethiopia’s Slide Toward Civil War
Ethiopia’s Slide Toward Civil War
 Join Alan Boswell and his guests for Season 2 of The Horn podcast.
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Ethiopia’s Slide Toward Civil War

This week on The Horn, clashes have broken out between Ethiopia’s federal troops and forces in northern Tigray. Crisis Group experts covering the long-feared escalation and the broader Horn of Africa discuss reaching a ceasefire and how to address the underlying need for a broader national dialogue.

A war that many feared was possible, but hoped would never happen, appears to be under way between Ethiopia’s federal forces and those commanded by the northern Tigray region.

William Davison, Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for Ethiopia, walks Alan through the long-simmering tensions that set both sides on the course to armed conflict. Joining from Addis Ababa, he gives his assessment of how the conflict is playing out, stressing the urgent need for concerted diplomatic intervention to bring a potentially protracted conflict situation to a halt. 

Alan is also joined by Crisis Group’s Deputy Africa Program Director Dino Mahtani for an overview of how a full-blown civil war could not only wreak devastation in Ethiopia but also have grave consequences for peace and security in its neighbourhood and Africa at large. 

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Project Director, Horn of Africa
Senior Analyst, Ethiopia
Former Deputy Director, Africa Program

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