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The Horn: Freeing Sudan from U.S. Sanctions
The Horn: Freeing Sudan from U.S. Sanctions
Podcast / Africa

The Horn: Freeing Sudan from U.S. Sanctions

The Horn of Africa faces myriad crises. Beyond the potentially devastating impact of COVID-19 on politics and the economy, the region is grappling with deeply troubled transitions, cross-border jihadism and remains a playground for great power competition. In this episode, Alan Boswell is joined by Cameron Hudson, Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council, to discuss everything from U.S. sanctions on Sudan to the challenges for Prime Minister Hamdok. 

S1 Episode 10: Freeing Sudan from U.S. Sanctions

Sudan’s transition hangs in the balance. 

As the country embarks on its journey to inclusive, democratic rule, one of the most pressing issues it faces is the flailing economy. The civilian-led administration inherits a legacy of decades of ruinous economic policies, exacerbated by crippling U.S. sanctions. Crisis Group has long called on the U.S. to rescind its outdated designation of Sudan as a State Sponsor of Terrorism (SST), which would be an important first step in supporting economic reform. 

Cameron Hudson, Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council, joins Alan this week to shed light on the nature of U.S. sanctions, the factors obstructing the lifting of the SST, the role of the international community and the challenges for Prime Minister Hamdok.

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For more information, see Cameron’s Foreign Policy article: The United States Should Lift Sanctions on Sudan.