After Sudan’s Revolution with Reem Abbas
After Sudan’s Revolution with Reem Abbas
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After Sudan’s Revolution with Reem Abbas

 In this Episode of The Horn, Host Alan Boswell and journalist, activist, and researcher Reem Abbas to discuss Sudan's transition away from autocracy.

Sudan’s strongman Omar al-Bashir was swept from power in April after a 30-year dictatorship. A power sharing agreement was signed in August between the military and opposition alliance, which offers the best hope for the country as it transitions away from autocracy. However, the civilian-led government faces monumental challenges, among them a a deeply dysfunctional economy, political polarisation and a powerful security establishment bent on clinging onto power.

Reem Abbas, journalist, activist and researcher, joins Alan Boswell this week to discuss these dynamics and suggest ways forward that can improve the lives of the many millions of disempowered Sudanese who, for decades, have been reduced to dire living conditions, conflict and marginalisation. 

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Reem was a contributor to our recent report, Safeguarding Sudan’s Revolution.


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