Sudan’s Political Impasse
Sudan’s Political Impasse
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Sudan’s Political Impasse

This week on The Horn, Alan talks to Khartoum-based analyst Kholood Khair about Sudan’s complex political dynamics in the aftermath of an October coup that derailed the country’s transition and transformed its political landscape. 

Sudan has been at a political impasse since a military coup in October removed the civilian-led government that had been leading the country's transition since the toppling of Omar al-Bashir in 2019. Attempts at wrangling a new power-sharing agreement with the military have so far failed to break the deadlock: a deal with former Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok proved fruitless, prompting him to resign in early January. Meanwhile, Sudanese people have mobilised in huge numbers across the country, demanding the military relinquish control of government and calling for a complete overhaul of the status quo.  

This week on The Horn, Alan is joined by Kholood Khair, managing partner at Insight Strategy Partners, to make sense of this shifting political landscape. They talk about the key developments since the coup, both in Khartoum and throughout the country, the ways in which established political actors involved in the transition have responded, and the dynamic forms of civilian mobilisation that are disrupting established political norms. They also delve into the origins, impact and demands of resistance committees and question whether there is any way of bringing these various actors together to break Sudan’s crippling political impasse and chart a path to democracy. 

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Project Director, Horn of Africa
Kholood Khair
Managing Partner, Insight Strategy Partners, Khartoum

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