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Iran-Israel “Shadow War” Risks Spinning Out of Control

Iran and Israel are trading threats and counter-threats following the 1 April strike, attributed to Israel, on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. It is imperative that both sides avoid further escalation – or an all-out Middle East conflagration could result.

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The Israeli military campaign in the Gaza Strip has pushed many of its residents to the edge of death from starvation and disease. Only a prolonged ceasefire accompanied by a massive aid operation can improve the situation enough to avoid a horrific toll.

Two years after Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine, Washington is struggling to maintain support for Kyiv. A new assistance package is stuck in Congress. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Sarah Harrison explains what is causing the holdup and what it could mean for the war. 

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2 أبريل 2024
In the same way that we hold Iran accountable for actions of its proxies ..., [the Iranian regime holds] the U.S. responsible for Israeli actions. Time

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
30 مارس 2024
Countries should implement all necessary measures to curb the illegal arms to Haiti, including inspections at their own ports within their own borders. The Hill
Profile Image

Diego Da Rin

Consultant, Latin America and Caribbean
15 مارس 2024
Especially but certainly not exclusively over Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, tensions between the [Iran and the U.S.] remain significant. New York Times

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
15 مارس 2024
Israel’s approach [in Gaza] so far has been to chip away at Hamas, but without anybody or any entity to replace specifically the civil situation there. Wall Street Journal

Mairav Zonszein

Senior Analyst, Israel
6 مارس 2024
The overriding imperative for the Islamic republic [of Iran] is strengthening ideological conformity … even at the cost of losing even more of its legitimacy. RFERL

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran

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