Interactive: War Crimes in Sri Lanka
Interactive: War Crimes in Sri Lanka
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Interactive: War Crimes in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan security forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) repeatedly violated international humanitarian law during the last five months of their 30-year civil war. Although both sides committed atrocities throughout the many years of conflict, the scale and nature of violations particularly worsened from January 2009 to the government's declaration of victory in May.

This interactive presentation accompanies Crisis Group's 17 May 2010 report War Crimes in Sri Lanka. Through maps and images, it details events in the Vanni region from January through May 2009, including some of the specific incidents discussed in the report.

The timeline focuses on events that are well-established or ones about which Crisis Group has credible evidence. Crisis Group believes that evidence is sufficient to warrant an independent international inquiry into alleged war crimes. The timeline, however, does NOT claim to be a comprehensive account. It covers only some relevant events and a small number of the violations allegedly committed. All boundaries and locations on the maps in this presentation are approximate. The photographs and video included in this presentation have been provided to Crisis Group. Eyewitnesses have reviewed these photographs and video and confirmed that they are accurate representations of actual events witnessed.

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