Bab al-Mandab, Yemen 0
29 April 2019

Discussing Yemen, Secretary of State Pompeo asserted that "with respect to the civil war, this is Iranian-led. We should just all be very clear about that. The Huthis, who continue to refuse to comply with the agreements that they signed up for in Stockholm, Sweden, they refused to move back from the port in Hodeida, they've refused to do all of the elements that the UN have laid out, because - very clearly, it's because the Islamic Republic of Iran has chosen to direct them to do that". He also referred to congressional calls against continued U.S. military involvement in the conflict, which President Trump vetoed, saying that "the people who were the happiest when that resolution passed were [Qods force commander] Qasem Soleimani and the ayatollah [Ali Khamenei]... when they see the U.S. shrink away from this challenge that puts U.S. citizens at risk, they think they have achieved a victory". 

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