Bab al-Mandab, Yemen 0
8 May 2019

CENTCOM's commander asserted that "as we witness the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, it's important to remember that Iran is behind the irresponsible behaviour that actually led to the overthrow of the government in Yemen and created the crisis we now have in Yemen. The humanitarian tragedy that we confront in Yemen is the child of Iranian ambition and their support for the Huthis in trying to create a Hizbollah-like state in Yemen". He also indicated that "the Iranian regime has smuggled ballistic missiles into Yemen and assisted with their construction and deployment. And they're employed by the Huthis against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as against the United Arab Emirates, threatening our partners as well as Americans who live and work there. They've also irresponsibly fired missiles into the Bab al-Mandab and the Red Sea, where vital commerce and oil transport occurs". 

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