Bahrain 0
22 December 2020

Bahrain’s U.S. ambassador, commenting on a potential U.S. return to the JCPOA, maintained that “it is important for us to be a part of the conversation, because it is us [in the region] who have a front row seat to any development, and it is us who will have to endure all the consequences”. Relatedly, Israel’s envoy in Washington argued that “if you go back to JCPOA 1.0 in hopes that you will negotiate and get 2.0 it’s never going to happen. You’re giving up all your leverage”. The UAE’s ambassador also maintained that “America should maintain strong relations with all its partners in Europe and the Middle East and show up with both groups at the negotiating table”. Iran’s UN mission subsequently emphasised that Tehran “will not renegotiate an accord already agreed to”, while asserting: “We are ready to negotiate regional issues, but only with neighbours and countries in the region… Iran does not believe that there is any need for foreign powers’ presence at that dialogue”.

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