Golan Heights and South/West Syria
11 November 2023

The Israeli military reported striking “a wide range of military targets in Lebanon of the Hizbollah terror organisation, in response to fire on Israeli communities in the north over the past day”. The IDF confirmed firing artillery at targets in Syria “in response to two rockets that were fired into the Golan Heights and fell in an open area”. A spokesperson contended that “Hizbollah, with the guidance of Iran, are trying to challenge Israel with the aim of distracting the IDF’s attention from Gaza. We are focused on Gaza and will continue to operate and respond to Lebanon, and Hizbollah specifically, against every firing, every terror cell, that will try to attack Israel”. “In parallel”, he added, “we are also following the Huthi terror, supported by Iran and Hizbollah, with our American partners and other partners in the world”.

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