Golan Heights and South/West Syria 0
5 February 2020

The U.S. Special Representative for Syria, James Jeffery, affirmed that “we’re not asking for regime change [in Syria] per se”, and indicated that “we believe that Russia could adopt different policies that would meet our minimum requirements… that is, the execution of UN Resolution 2254; joint cooperation to get terrorists, beginning with Daesh [ie, ISIS], enduringly defeated in Syria; and thirdly, Iranian-commanded forces out”.  Jeffrey went on to assert that “if there’s a resolution to the [Syrian] civil conflict, then there’s no need for an – Iranian-commanded militias and the thousands or tens of thousands who will be floating around Syria. In particular, with long-range missile systems that you don’t use against the opposition, you use against countries like Israel or countries like Saudi Arabia, or Jordan”. “So those are our requirements; they’re not unreasonable. They don’t require the overthrow of Assad. They require a change in that government’s behaviour”, Jeffrey said.

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