Golan Heights and South/West Syria
8 January 2024

Hizbollah confirmed the killing of a senior commander in a suspected Israeli strike in southern Lebanon. The same day, Israel revealed that it had killed a Hamas official in Syria, while warning: “We will not allow terror from Syrian territory, and it is responsible for any action that emanates its territory”. Hizbollah reported striking several Israeli targets near the border throughout the day, while the Israeli military said it hit “a series of Hizbollah targets across southern Lebanon, including military sites belonging to the organisation. We responded with fire to areas from which launches were identified toward Israeli territory”. At the norther border, Prime Minister Netanyahu asserted that “we will do everything to restore security to the north and allow [residents] to return home in safety… We prefer that this be done without a wide-ranging campaign, but that will not stop us. We have given it an example of what is happening to its friends in the south; this is what will happen here in the north. We will do everything to restore security”.

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