Strait of Hormuz 0
28 July 2020

On the sideline of the Great Prophet-14 military exercise, IRGC Commander Hossein Salami asserted that “we do not initiate aggression on any country, but in tactics and operation, we are completely aggressive”. A senior IRGC official indicated that “anti-ballistic and cruise missiles… have been carried out [during the drill] and some surprising weapons and equipment such as long-range anti-ship ballistic missiles that can target ships from a long distance will be used”.  CENTCOM confirmed that two bases hosting U.S. forces in Qatar and UAE went on alert due to ballistic missile fire from the drill. A U.S. Navy spokesperson argued that “Iran conducts offensive exercises, attempting to intimidate and coerce… While we are always watchful of this type of irresponsible and reckless behaviour by Iran in the vicinity of busy international waterways this exercise has not disrupted coalition operations in the area nor had any impacts to the free flow of commerce in the Strait of Hormuz and surrounding waters”.

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