19 September 2023

Iraq’s foreign minister asserted that “the threat of attack or violence against the Kurdistan region and the violation of Iraqi sovereignty is unacceptable; a fact we have explicitly mentioned in Tehran. [The] Kurdistan Regional Government and [the] Kurdistan Region have adhered to the security agreement [with Iran]… Therefore, we need Iran to adhere to the agreement and not use violence against Iraqi sovereignty”. He further noted that “the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government have taken the necessary measures towards the implementation of the security agreement, including the return of those who were in the border regions to camps, for whom five camps were established to live in”. On 22 September, Iran’s military general chief of staff stated that the Iranian Kurdish separatist groups “just distanced a bit from the borders of our country… We will wait for several days and we will send observer teams to this region to see if the disarming is completed or not”. “These terrorists should be fully disarmed and get expelled from Iraq”, he stated.

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