Israel 0
10 August 2019

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei asserted that “the stratagem of the ‘Deal of the Century’ prepared by the oppressive U.S., and its treasonous cohorts, is a crime against the society of humankind, and not just the Palestinian nation”. He further called “everyone to active participation in overcoming this stratagem by the enemy”. Secretary of State Pompeo hit back at what he described as Khamenei’s “faux concern for the Palestinian people”, adding that “it’s sick that on the eve of Tisha B’av – a solemn day for the Jewish people – Khamenei calls for violence against the Jewish state”. “Khamenei doesn’t see ‘progress’ as prosperity for the Palestinian people”, Pompeo continued, “but Palestinian terrorists switching from rocks to rockets to kill more Jews. The Iranian people don’t want this; they deserve leadership behaviours that reflect their greatness”.

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