Israel 0
10 August 2020

Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz contended that “while [Hizbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah is our biggest enemy to the north, he is the biggest problem for Lebanon… We are fighting enemies that keep weapons and operate in civilian surroundings. If we don’t have a choice but to fight, it will have dire consequences”. He also remarked that “Iran is interested in opening a terror franchise in Syria, and we must prevent the opening of this franchise as much as possible. We are operating in Syria and in other places around the region all the time and with all kinds of methods, and we will continue to do so”. The following day, Prime Minister Netanyahu told the French president that “in order to prevent disasters like the one that occurred at Beirut port, the explosives and missiles that Hizbollah has hidden must be removed from all concentrations of civilian population in Lebanon”. “Hizbollah is sorely mistaken if thinks it can solve the crisis in Lebanon by creating a crisis with Israel”, he added.

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