Israel 0
13 December 2020

Meeting with U.S. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, Prime Minister Netanyahu asserted that “as long as Iran continues to subjugate and threaten its neighbours; as long as Iran continues calling for Israel's destruction; as long as Iran continues to bankroll, equip and train terrorist organisations throughout the region and the world; and as long as Iran persists in its dangerous quest for nuclear weapons, and the means to deliver them, we shouldn't go back to business as usual with Iran. We should all unite to prevent this major threat to world peace”. He further argued that “Iran is still a nasty neighbourhood bully. But, if unchecked, tomorrow Iran will arm itself with nuclear tipped ICBMs that can target Europe and America and it will become a global bully, which will endanger everyone. All this must be prevented and all this can be prevented. On this, all America’s friends in the region agree”.

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