Israel 0
14 September 2021

Defence Minister Benny Gantz remarked that he would accept “the current U.S. approach of putting the Iran nuclear program back in a box”, while highlighting the need for a “viable U.S.-led plan B”, which would include “an international economic sanctions regime”. “If push comes to shove”, Gantz added, “we have our capabilities”. A Gantz spokesperson was subsequently cited as saying: “Gantz does not support an American return to the JCPOA, but rather maintains that Israel would accept some other longer, broader and stronger nuclear agreement”. Relatedly, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett indicated that “we presented to our friends in the U.S. a plan of action [with regards to Iran’s nuclear program], as well as to countries in the region, because we’d be happy if, along with our independent actions, our partners will act”. “Either way, the responsibility is here, and we will stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon at any price”, Bennett emphasised.

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