16 February 2024

Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned that “the enemy will pay the price of spilling their blood in blood” after ten Lebanese civilians were killed in a series of Israeli strikes. He also argued that “Israeli funds, weapons, missiles and artillery shells currently originate from Washington. If the U.S. halts the air bridge to Israel, the aggression against Gaza will cease… The American administration bears responsibility for every drop of blood shed in the region”. The same day, Israeli Foreign Minister Katz maintained that “if a diplomatic solution [for tensions in the north] is not found, Israel will be forced to act in order to remove Hizbollah from the border and return our residents to their homes… In such a case, Lebanon will also pay a heavy price”. “Lebanon will be destroyed if we attacked”, Katz told an international conference. “Pressure Hizbollah and Iran”.

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