Israel 0
20 August 2020

Prime Minister Netanyahu hailed “the U.S. for its decision to trigger snapback sanctions against Iran”, adding that the JCPOA “should never have been made… Two years ago, the agents of Israel obtained the secret Iranian nuclear archive, and we found there indisputable proof that the Iranian nuclear program always was, and still remains, a military nuclear program”. Netanyahu further urged the countries to “support the U.S. in seeking a real solution, one that will prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons” and affirmed: “Israel stands proudly and firmly with the U.S., as do governments across the Middle East who opposed the JCPOA quietly and now support the restoration of sanctions publicly”. The following day, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Israel’s UN ambassador and “discussed U.S. and Israeli efforts to counter Iran’s malign influence in the region”.

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