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20 May 2020

After Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s website published a poster headlined “Palestine will be free” and subtitled “the final solution: Resistance until referendum”, Prime Minister Netanyahu asserted that “Khamenei's threats to carry out ‘The Final Solution’ against Israel bring to mind the Nazi ‘Final Solution’ plan to annihilate the Jewish People. He should know that any regime that threatens the destruction of the State of Israel faces a similar danger”. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned “disgusting and hateful anti-Semitic remarks” by Khamenei, adding: “the leader of the world’s top sponsor of terrorism and anti-Semitism denies the Holocaust, sends money and weapons to anti-Israel terrorists and now has invoked the Nazi call for the Final Solution. I ask all nations: Is this someone who can be trusted with deadly weapons?” Later in the day, Khamenei’s social media account argued that “eliminating the Zionist regime [ie, Israel] doesn’t mean eliminating Jews. We aren’t against Jews. It means abolishing the imposed regime and Muslim, Christian and Jewish Palestinians choose their own government”. “We will support and assist any nation or any group anywhere who opposes and fights the Zionist regime, and we do not hesitate to say this”, Khamenei added.

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