26 December 2023

An Israeli military spokesperson reported that Hizbollah had fired multiple missiles at a church in northern Israel, injuring nine soldiers and two civilians. “Hizbollah is committing war crimes by indiscriminately attacking places”, he contended. “Hizbollah is trying to drag the country of Lebanon and the region into this war that Hamas started. If Hizbollah continues, they will bear the consequences and the responsibility for the outcome: an unnecessary war aimed at fulfilling an ISIS ideology, that could bring unwanted destruction to the people of Lebanon in this war… We are preparing for all scenarios should a diplomatic solution not be found to Hizbollah’s constant violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701”. Throughout the day, Hizbollah claimed responsibility for several strikes at Israeli targets near the border. The Israeli military struck the origins of the launches, in addition to Hizbollah infrastructure; four individuals were killed, including two Hizbollah fighters.

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