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26 January 2021

Israel’s military chief of staff indicated that “Iran can decide that it wants to advance to a bomb, either covertly or in a provocative way. In light of this basic analysis, I have ordered the IDF to prepare a number of operational plans, in addition to the existing ones. We are studying these plans and we will develop them over the next year”. He further contended that “returning to the 2015 nuclear agreement or even to an agreement that is similar but with a few improvements is a bad thing and it is not the right thing to do”. “There needs to be serious effort so that by the end, there won’t not only not be a bomb but there won’t be an ability to rush to a bomb,” he added. “Iran now is under enormous pressure… because of the American sanctions. These pressures must continue. No matter what happens. Anything that releases that pressure gives them oxygen, gives them air and will allow them to continue to violate the current agreement”. An Iranian military spokesperson subsequently warned that “if the Zionist regime [ie, Israel] makes any mistakes, the Islamic Republic will destroy their missile bases as well as Haifa and Tel Aviv”, adding that “Tehran does not seek to produce and maintain nuclear weapons”.

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