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27 December 2021

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid remarked that “we prefer to act in international cooperation, but if necessary, we will act alone [against Iran]”. Lapid also indicated that Israel had shared with allies “concrete intelligence that proves Iran is deceiving the world in a completely systematic way… All they care about is that sanctions are lifted and billions of dollars are poured into its nuclear program [as well as] Hizbollah, Syria, Iraq [and] the terrorist network they have deployed around the world”. He went on to assert: “Israel does not oppose any agreement. A good agreement is good. We oppose any agreement that does not allow for real oversight neither of the Iranian nuclear program, nor of the Iranian money, nor of the Iranian terrorist network”. The following day, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett opined that “for sure there can be a good agreement. For sure. We know the parameters. Is that expected to happen now in the current dynamics? No. Because there needs to be a much firmer position”. “Iran is negotiating with a very weak hand. But unfortunately the world is acting like Iran is at a strong point”, he added.

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