Israel 0
29 September 2020

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly that “Iran will have enough enriched uranium in a few months for two nuclear bombs. And Iran has been working on a new generation of centrifuges … There is no question that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons”. Referring to the U.S. snapback effort at the UN, Netanyahu argued that “while the Security Council is divided, we in the region are united. Both Arabs and Israelis are together urging tough action on Iran. And when Arabs and Israelis agree, others should pay attention”. He further urged “all members of the Security Council, stand with the U.S. against Iran’s aggression, stand with it in insisting that Iran end its nuclear weapons program once and for all, stand with the U.S. in confronting the greatest danger to peace in our region”. Iran’s diplomatic spokesperson subsequently argued that Netanyahu “continues to lie using the tribune of international communities and tries to deceive the public opinions and international communities with ridiculous shows”.

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