30 December 2023

An Israeli military spokesperson announced “a widespread attack on Hizbollah targets in Lebanon”, adding: “We continue to strike and damage Hezbollah’s Hizbollah’s military positions in southern Lebanon. The southern region of Lebanon will not return to what it used to be”. He also reported that “throughout the day, several launches from Lebanon to Israel were identified, with many of Hizbollah’s launches falling in Lebanese territory. Yesterday, 80 per cent of Hizbollah’s rockets fell in Lebanese territory. [Hassan] Nasrallah is harming the state of Lebanon, jeopardising its future for his friends in Hamas and for his Iranian patrons”. Hizbollah confirmed multiple fatalities. The same day, Prime Minister Netanyahu indicated that “we are striking harsh blows against Hizbollah… We have approved operational plans for the continuation of the fighting. If Hizbollah expands the war – it will absorb blows that it has not dreamed of, and Iran as well. We will take all action until we restore security to the residents of the north”.

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